Class Veery

getBoundingBox(data : Data)

getBoundingBox(geojson: NSDictionary)

getBoundingBox(loc: CLLocation)

static functions

Get the bounding box of the passed object. Useful for zooming a Map to the right zoom level.


Data (GeoJSON), NSDictionary (GeoJSON) or CLLocation


[CLLocationCoordinate2D]? [southwest,northest]

Usage / Example

     let prediction = veery.getNextTrip()
    if (prediction?.isOk())! {
        if let geojs = prediction?.toGeoJson(){

            let boundingbox = Veery.getBoundingBox(geojson: geojs)
            let southwest : CLLocationCoordinate2D =  boundingbox![0]
            let northest : CLLocationCoordinate2D = boundingbox![1]

            let camera =, coordinate:southwest  ), withPadding:10.0)

            mapView.animate(with: camera)

User interaction