This section describes how to reset data previously detected for a user.

Giving users the opportunity to delete all data collected is required by law in many areas (As it is in Europe with the EU-GDPR)

You should consider adding these actions at user request (using a user-accessible menu item).

The Veery Backend automatically deletes all data it previously collected from a user, as soon as it detects that the user have de-installed the application using Veery SDK.

Veery Functions


Delete all data from the database on the mobile phone. If Veery.COLLECT and Veery.ROUTE_MATCH are still activated, it will re-download all data saved from the backend.


Delete all data from the backend databases. If Veery.COLLECT and Veery.ROUTE_MATCH are still activated, it will re-send all data back from the phone to the backend.


Delete all computed data from the Veery backend. If Veery.ROUTE_MATCH, Veery.POINT_OF_INTEREST and Veery.PREDICTION are still activated, the backend will recompute all Poi, Trips and predictions.

Ensure all geolocation data is removed from any database (phone and backend)

veery.activate(service: Veery.DEACTIVATE_ALL)
// do use "activate(Veery.BACKEND)" or "activate(Veery.GEOPROFILE)" in the next minute

Force the backend to recompute Predictions and Pois

veery.activate(service: Veery.GEOPROFILE)
// Requires ios Veery 1.3.3
//veery.activate(service:Veery.BACKGROUND_GEOLOC | Veery.POINT_OF_INTEREST | Veery.PREDICTION)

Force the backend to recompute Trips

veery.activate(service: Veery.BACKEND) // or Veery.GEOPROFILE
// Requires ios Veery 1.3.3
//veery.activate(service:Veery.BACKGROUND_GEOLOC | Veery.ROUTE_MATCH )

// All data from the phone will be resend and recomputed from the backend