Notification (Push) overview

This section describes how to notify the user "out-app" of a geo-predictive events generated by the Veery Backend (Android native).

When the backend discover something new about the user, it can trigger an in-app event (for example using onPoiUpdate).

It can also trigger an FCM notification that will arrive directly to the user screen even if the app is not at foreground at that moment.

The kind of events that can happen could be :

  • a new route match has occurred because the user has just arrived at a static place after a trip.
  • a new POIs list were generated by the geo-profiling algorithms
  • a new trip prediction were made for that user
  • Anything that were tailor made for your application by Roofstreet

If you have been in contact with the Roofstreet team and if they created a new specific kind of event just for your use case, those events could also trigger in-app callback or out-app messages.

The configuration (enabling, disabling, design of the message) could be made using the Sandpiper API from your servers, or using the Veery SDK directly from the mobile application.

Veery Architecture Android

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Enable a notification for a specified geo-predictive event.


Disable notifications for a specified geo-predictive event.

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