Class Veery

setApiKeySecret(_ secretapikey : String)

Set the secret (password) attached to your API Key

This is necessary to enable the usage of backend based functions (Predictions, POI, Trips, Matchings, ...).

This should be called (Usually on the viewDidLoad of the ViewController), before any other calls to any other function of Veery.

This function scopes the agent, so it is not necessary to call it from all ViewControllers but only from the principal ViewController.


Param name Type Usage
secretapikey String The API KEY Secret received with your API KEY



Usage / Example

    class ViewController: UIViewController, VeeryDelegate {// Implement Veery Delegate

        // TODO : Inside the principal class (!!not inside a function)
        let veery = Veery()

        override func viewDidLoad() {
            // TODO : Init the delegate
            veery.delegate = self
            // TODO : declare your API Key Secret

            // .......


User interaction