User's next predicted trip

This section describes how to get the next predicted trip of a user as estimated by the Veery geoprofiling algorithms (Android native).

Veery Architecture Android

Predictions are only computed if veery was activated using Veery.PREDICTION parameter.

The Predictions are computed regularly and sent to the Veery Cache. It is therefore necessary to verify if the prediction you get is not outdated (this could also happen if the network was unavailable when the prediction was made)

It is possible to simply request for the last known prediction using the getNextTrip function but it is also possible to get warned when a new prediction have been recalculated using the function requestPredictionUpdate.

Predictions are delivered with a "Probability" which represent the percentage certainty of the predictive algorithms.

Veery Functions


Get next estimated trip for that user.


Request for a callback event when a new prediction is computed by the Veery Backend.


Cancel the call to requestPredictionUpdate.

Veery sub-classes


Subclass of Veery reprsenting users trips predictions.


Return true if a prediction is in the Cache.


Return true if the prediction is outdated (made previously, but now concerns a time in the past)


Get the level of certainty of the predictive algorithm.

getDestinationLongitude getDestinationLatitude

Get the coordinates of the next predicted destination

getTrip toGeojson

Get the next predicted trip in GeoJSON format.


Get the next trip in the form of a Location array.


Get the next start point of the prediction.


Get the estimated start time predicted for the next trip.


Get the name (street name) of the predicted departure place.


Get the estimated arrival time predicted for the next trip.


Get the estimated arrival time predicted for the next trip (returns EPOCH).


Get the name (street name) of the predicted arrival place.

Veery Interfaces


Interface could be passed as parameter to the requestnexttripUpdate function


Callback triggered every time a new prediction is computed by the Veery backend.