Class Veery

userAgreedPurpose(int purposeVersion, String purposeText, String approvalButtonText, String rejectionButtonText, Boolean agreed)

Requires Veery for Android version 1.3.0

Let Veery know if the user has agreed on a specific application purpose to collect geolocations.

This is historized on the Veery Backend for GDPR compliance.

Information on EU-GDPR

This is mandatory if your user is a European citizen.

1 - Show your own presentation screen or a popup explaining the reason of the geolocation collection

2 - Let the Veery Backend know what you presented to the user, and what the user answered

3 - Only if the user agreed on the presented purpose, call veery.activate

You should do this every time the purpose of the collection changes


Param name Type Usage
purposeVersion int Positive number showing the version. This was designed to let your purpose evolve in the future
purposeText String The message shown to the user to present the purpose
approvalButtonText String The text on the button for approval
rejectionButtonText String The text on the button for rejection
agreed Boolean true of the user has agreed (push on you approval button)



Usage / Example

String purposetxt = "We will collect your geolocations to adapt our booking services to your behavior";
String approvBtntxt = "I accept";
String rejBtntxt = "I refuse";
int purpVrs = 1;
boolean purpAgreed = true;

User interaction


This function will not show any message to the user. It let you log the result of your own popup.

See also


Get the last purpose version agreed by the user


the number of seconds since the last purpose version agreed by the user